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Radioisotope Applications Engineering

California Institute of Technology
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Books T h e Natural History Library Doubleday Anchor Books in cooperation with The American Museum of Natural History It's hard to find a publisher these days who isn't bringing out a series of books on science for the layman- but it's even harder to find a series that the layman can read with much i n t e r e s t or understanding. These paperbacks are an exception; they can not only be understood-they are even palatable. The first 13 titles in the series, devoted to the life and earth sciences, include: Modern Science and the Nature o f Life b y William S. Beck ( $1.45) A brilliant and witty book about modern science in general and con- temporary biology in particular. From Fish to Philosopher b y Homer W. Smith ( $1.45) A noted physiologist's account of vertebrate evolution and adaption. White Waters and Black by Gor- don MacCreagh ( $1.45) An absorbing record of a two-year expedition through some of South America's wildest jungle areas. The Ocean Island by Gilbert C. Klingel ( $1.45) Shipwiecked on Inagua, in the Bahamas, a naturalist (and born writer) settles down to explore the island and make a comprehensive study of its exotic flora and fauna. Other titles : The Pacific Islands (revised edi- tion) by Douglas L. 0 The Exploration of the Colorado River by John W e s 1 e y Powell ( $ 9 5 ) John and W i 1 1 i a m Bartram's America, edited by Helen Gere Cmickshank ( $1.45 ) John Burroughs' America, edited by Farida A. Wiley ( $1.45) The Mountains of California by John Muir ($1.25) Horses by George Gaylord Sirnp- son ($1.45) Shearwaters by R. M. Lockley ($1.25) The Wandering Albatross ( re- vised edition) by William Jameson ( $.95) Dwellers in Darkness by S. H. Skaife ($.95) Mathematical Handbook for Scientists and Engineers 1)y Grunino A. Korn and Theresa M. Korn Reviewed 1x4 Cleve Moler, '61 This handbook is a handy reference to a wide range of mathematical def- initions,

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