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Synthesis of oligonucleotides containing a-L- and b-D-2'- deoxynucleosides and alternating 3',3'- and 5'-5'-linkages

McGill University
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  • Chemistry
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Similarly, an 18-mer, also complementary to a sequence near the beginning of the 5'LTR region of HIV-1 genomic mRNA containing a terminal 3'3'-L-alpha-dC-5 '5' unit was synthesized. Binding studies demonstrated that the duplex formed showed minimal destabilization. Inhibition studies done in the presence of this modified oligonucleotide showed that the amount of (-) strong stop DNA synthesized was decreased in comparison to when the inhibition studies where done in the presence of an unmodified AON. However, due to the presence of two 5'-hydroxyl groups, this modified oligonucleotide did not serve as a substrate for the priming reaction.

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