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Dušená šunka - výroba, složení, kvalita

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  • šunka
  • škrob
  • Vaznost Masa
  • čistá Svalová Bílkovina
  • Ham
  • Starch
  • Meat Viscosity
  • Pure Muscle Protein
  • Biology
  • Law


This diploma thesis deals with questions of the present meat products market, meat products quality and the relevant legislation with focus on steamed ham. According to the present legislation ham is divided into three categories based on the content of pure muscle protein. The categories are as follows: top-grade quality ham, choice ham and standard ham. Use of starch, food colouring ingredients, fibrous additives, vegetable protein and different animal protein is not allowed with top-grade quality ham and choice ham. Within the practical part of the diploma work twenty samples of ham from all categories were examined. The tests showed that starch was not added to any top-grade quality ham or choice ham. Starch was found only in two samples of standard ham, in which starch addition is allowed by legislation.

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