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Geology of the Goose Arm Hughes Brook Area

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  • Geology--Newfoundland And Labrador--Goose Arm Region
  • Geology--Newfoundland And Labrador--Hughes Brook Region


OEOLOC.Y OF THE l.( )()5E ARM HI IGHES BR()()" AREA CENTRE FOR NEWFOUNDLAN D STUDIES TOTAL OF 10 PAGES ONLY MAY BE XEROXED {Without Author', Permi"ionl H. D. liLLY GEOLOOY OF THE GOC5E ARM HlCP.ES BROOK AREA by H. D.Lilly A. Thesis Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of IWlTER OF SCIE= Jo£MJRIAL UNIVEllSITY OF NE'o/FOUlIDLAllD 1961 . ABSTRACT The regional setting for this thesis is in the central part of West Newfoundland. The examination is concerned with an area of approx:1Jnately 250 square miles more or less lying between North ~unta1n, in the Bay of Islands , inclusive of the southern part of the mountain, and the Humber River west of Limestone Station. A small area located south o:f the river is also included. The bedrock of the area consists primarily of clastic and carbonate sediments ranging i n age from Cambrian to Upper Ordovician which l i e with uncon.formity upon earlier, more or less metamorphosed, Cambrian or Precambrian argillaceous and arenaceous rocks . The younger clastic rocks , 'Which may have upper members of Silurian age , are in part overlain by and , to a l es s er extent, intercalated vith still younger volcanic rocks. Both- the volcanic rocks and upper members of the clastic rocks have been intruded by large masses of ultrabasic and basic rocks and lesser bodies of granite. The clastic rocks are largely deltaic in character and consequently poorly 1'ossili1'erous. H:lreover , the carbonate rocks have been largely recrystallized and well preserved rceerte , suitable 1'or identif'icatio:t;l, are few. Age determinations were , therefore , made by lithological correlations with adjacent areas where fossils have been better preserved. Large , easily recognized , expoeurea of the St.George group of lower Ordovician age, which are abundantly fossiliferous to the south of the thesis area , provided the chief markers for these correlations . Evidenc

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