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UK Party Political Conferences - Business Networks & Networking

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  • Political Science


Over the last two decades marketing researchers have shown an increased interest in studying interorganisational interaction and the functioning of associated business networks (Haakasson, 1982, Ford, 1990, Axelson and Easton 1992, Webster 1992, Morgan and Hunt, 1994, Forsgren, Hagg, Haakasson, Johanson, Matson, 1995 et al). This paper uses these approaches to access political lobbying and pressure group activity and particularly focuses on the growth of business actors and networks which can be observed at the UK party conferences. The prime role of which is to influence policy making at the national and supranational (EU) level to shape the business environment to gain competitive advantage (Harris and Lock, 1996 and Andrews, 1996). The study outlines the scale of activity, a typology of interests involved and applies a modified network approach to case study material. A future research agenda is proposed.

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