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Documentation of sediment core PS69/273-2

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DOI: 10.1594/pangaea.512316
  • Ant-Xxiii/4
  • Awi_Paleo
  • Gravity Corer
  • Paleoenvironmental Reconstructions From Marine Sediments @ Awi
  • Polarstern
  • Ps69
  • Ps69/273-2


PS69_273_2 ANT-XXIII/4Inner shelf SW Amundsen SeaPS69/273-2 SL Recovery: 3.29 m Water depth: 1352 m73°57.70´S, 117°50.59´W Lithology Structure Color Description co re d ep th (c m bs f) 0 50 100 200 150 0-[163/166] cmbsf: mud, with some diatoms and sponge spicules 0-[1/3.5] cmbsf: strongly bioturbated/mottled (diameter of mottles ≤ 1 cm), with color variations (grayish brown to yellowish brown to dark brown), with rust-red, sand-sized concretions; basal boundary irregular and inclined [1/3.5]-9 cmbsf: strongly bioturbated, with circular holes (probably burrows; diameters <3 mm) and with tiny, circular black mottles at 7.5 and 16.5 cmbsf: circular, yellowish brown halos (probably burrows; diameter <0.5 cm) at 26-29 cmbsf: inclined hole (burrow; diameter ~1.5 cm) 9-15 cmbsf: slightly bioturbated and moderately laminated, with strongly inclined, yellowish-brown, discontinuous, ≤2 mm thick laminae consisting of relatively stiff sediment 15-[163/166] cmbsf: strongly bioturbated at 55-57 cmbsf: hole (burrow; diameter ~2 cm), orientated oblique to core axis at 106-109 cmbsf: hole (burrow; diameter ~2 cm), orienta- ted oblique to core axis and with black edges (pyrite?) at 110-114 cmbsf: dark green, ~1 cm thick layer (volcanic ash?), orientated oblique to core axis at 121-123.5 cmbsf: hole (burrow; diameter ~1.5 cm) with black halo (pyrite?) at 136 cmbsf: irregular black spot (diameter ~1.5 cm) 123-163 cmbsf: transition zone to underlying diatom ooze 163-166 cmbsf: diatom-bearing mud, strongly bioturbated, (unit may result from bioturbation of the top of the under- lying diatom ooze and mixing with the overlying mud) [163/166]-[168-170] cmbsf: diatomaceous ooze; mode- rately laminated and slightly bioturbated/mottled, with color variations and with sharp black base; unit orienta- ted oblique to core axis [168-170]-[172-174] cmbsf: diatomaceous mud, moderately laminated and slightly bioturbated/mottled, obli

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