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Analele Stiintifice ale Universitatii "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" din Iasi Sect. II a. Genetica si Biologie Moleculara


Microsoft Word - MCarlan_Clonal.doc CLONAL EVOLUTION OF A MOUSE METASTATIC HEMANGIOSARCOMA MARIUS CIRLAN 1* , ANDREEA FLAVIA CIRLAN 1 , GABRIEL BALMUS 1 Key words: tumor, bone marrow, chromosomes, clone Abstract: In a mouse metastatic hemangiosarcoma chromosome changes were assessed by chromosomal preparations made from tumors and bone marrow. G-banded chromosomes revealed a consistent abnormal clone: 40,XX,ace which occurred in all probes. This partial clonal trisomy was associated with sidelines distinguished by different secondary chromosome anomalies added to primary aberration. The implications of chromosomes X, 14, 17 and 18 in numerical and structural anomalies was striking enough. INTRODUCTION In man the incidence of hemangiosarcoma is higher than in other mammals. Of those species, the dog and the horse are more frequently affected (Johnson 1987; Scott and Gourreau 1996), and the occurrence of spontaneous hemangiosarcomas is sporadic in laboratory animals like mouse (Chandra and Frith 1992). Although vascular tumors are histopathologically better studied both in man and other mammals, including mouse (Booth and Sundberg 1995), the cytogenetic profile of hemangiosarcoma was poorly investigated. In man, when cytogenetic analyses were performed, the method used was short-term tumoral cell culturing (Mandahl et al. 1990; Schuborg et al. 1998). Thus the chromosomal changes could not be evaluated as random or nonrandom. THE AIM OF INVESTIGATIONS The cytogenetic study of a mouse metastatic hemangiosarcoma was achieved with two objectives: l. to obtain more information about characteristic chromosome changes; 2. to assess an eventual clonal evolution. MATERIAL AND METHODS In the Swiss mouse colony of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Iasi, Laboratory of Cytogenetics, in a female, a subcutaneous tumor-like mass of soft consistency appeared spontaneously on the right side of the thorax just back to the scapula. The size

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