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Impact of ageing and food additives on the physico-chemical properties of partially hydrolyzed and pregelatinized rice flour

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  • Rice Flour
  • Ageing
  • Physico-Chemical Properties
  • Life Sciences :: Food Science [F09]
  • Sciences Du Vivant :: Sciences Des Denrées Alimentaires [F09]


Conservation of the quality of a food product is an essential preoccupation for industrials. Indeed, food acceptability by consummers depends of this quality. However, the latter decreases with time of storage, due to complex alteration reactions. This study presents a first approach of alteration reactions in a particular range of products: drum-dried pregelatinized cereal products. While this type of product is widely used as thickeners or in infant foods, no study has ever been made on the subject. The cereal studied here is one of the most consumed by mankind: rice. We also investigated the impact of food additives (E170 & E340ii) on the ageing of such a product, because they are often used empirically in industry.

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