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Jatropha plant, including families Euphorbiaceae, a family with rubber and cassava. Tree crops such as shrubs with a height of 1-7 m, irregularly branched. The stems woody, cylindrical sap when injured out. The leaves form a single leaf, curving, angled three or five, bone menjari leaves with 5-7 primary bone, green leaf color (lower surface paler than the top). Petiole length between 4-15 cm. Greenish yellow flower, panicle-shaped form of compound interest, married one. Male flowers and female flowers are arranged in a series of cup-shaped, appearing leaf tip of the stem or armpit. Fruit in the form of an oval box of fruit, diameter of 2-4 cm, green when young and yellow when ripe. The distance that each space is divided into three - each room contains a seed. Seeds oval, round, blackish brown color. These seeds contain a lot of oil with a yield of about 30-40%. This research was conducted at the experimental Kalipare Crops Research Institute for Tobacco and Fibre, with elevation of 300 meters above sea level, which is located in District Kalipare, Malang, East Java. This study was started in April until December 2009. Based on the results of this study concluded that the accessions of jatropha from the overall observed, there is a variation of morphological characters, especially on the parameters: plant height, stem diameter, number of primary branches, number of bunches of flowers per plant, total leaf grooves, and the color of young leaves. As for the character stem color, the color of old leaves, and leaves the bone color, overall Jatropha accessions did not show any difference. The highest yield was found on the jatropha plant with accession number six seed dry weight reaches 90 grams per plant and number of fruits per plant reached 60.2 units. Potential results achieved by the accession number six proved higher than the overall elders used in the process of hybridization. The highest kernel oil content generated by the accession number 56 with a value of 56.42% oil content.

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