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Development of sensory and sensibility evaluations of coffee and analysis of coffee preference types with segmented coffee consumers

서울대학교 대학원
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  • 커피
  • Coffee
  • 관능평가
  • Sensory Evaluation
  • 감성평가
  • Sensibility Evaluation
  • 소비자 세분화
  • Consumer Segmentation
  • 커피 선호 유형
  • Coffee Preference Type
  • Closed Fan-Opened Fan Model
  • 접힌 부채-펼쳐진 부채 모델


The four aims of this study using three key-words, 'sensory evaluation', 'sensibility evaluation', and 'consumer segmentation', were 1) to arrange sensory characteristics terms of coffee and to develop a sensory evaluation for examining the sensory characteristics of coffee, 2) to arrange the sensibility characteristics terms of coffee and to develop a sensibility evaluation, 3) to examine the relationship between the sensory and sensibility characteristics, and 4) to classify to coffee consumers, and examine the characteristics and preference types of the segmented groups along with the differences in the sensory preference and the sensibility characteristics. Seventy-four sensory characteristics of coffee were defined, and references to these characteristics were prepared. A 5¡É change in temperature could be perceived and the 60¢¦70¡É range was preferred despite the risk burns. The intensity of sensory characteristics was perceived differently according to the coffee temperature, and the 'Temperature- Intensity descriptive analysis' was developed. The 'scanning descriptive analysis' was also devised to supplement the previous problems and showed that there were significant differences between coffee drinkers. Moreover, the sensibility evaluation scale was composed of twenty four(including twelve opposite terms) of the sensibility characteristics terms. There were changes in the sensibility characteristics according to the sensory characteristics and there was a significant positive correlation between the sensory and sensibility preference. In addition, the preference for coffee was influenced by the sensory preference rather than by the sensibility preference with the exception of external factors. Finally, after considering the socio- demographic factors, the coffee consumption factor, dietary pattern factor, and personality factor, the coffee consumers were divided into the following five segmentation groups; 'Type A: the shower in the rainy season', 'Type B: the

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