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Sistema inter-regional sul-restante do Brasil: geração de renda e interdependência regional

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The objective of this research was to examine the capacity of sectors to generate income of the economy and the local and inter-regional impacts. For this purpose we built na input-output system with four regions, Paraná, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul and the Rest of Brazil. The main findings are that there are key sectors common to regions with low spillover effect all belonging to the trade and services. There is greater economic interaction between the southern states with the Rest of the country than inside South Region and the spillover effect varies greatly for the sectors and regions, but we can generalize the results considering that the productive chains of Petroleum refining, Automotive Industry, Agribusiness (Food & Beverage and Tobacco Products) and Clothing and accessories are responsible for most of the inter-regional flows of goods and services for intermediate consumption.

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