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Contact metallurgy optimization for ohmic contacts to InP

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AuGeNi and AuZnNi metallizations to n- and p-InP were studied as a function of the annealing temperature in a Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA) system. For n-InP (S:8×1018cm-3) a broad minimum existed from 385°C to 500°C, in which the specific contact resistance, rc, was about 10-7 ¿cm2. The lowest value of 7×10-8 ¿cm2 for n-InP occurred after RTA for 20 sec. at 450°C. For p-InP (Zn:5×1018 cm-3) the lowest value of rc, 7×10-6 ¿cm2, was obtained for AuZn without any Ni. Metallurgical investigations indicated, that low rc values were associated with interfacial reactions and the formation of stable barrier-lowering metal-phosphides.

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