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Circulars, correspondence, questionnaire - Page 2

  • Japanese American College Students -- Oregon
  • Japanese American College Students -- Social Conditions -- 20Th Century
  • Japanese Americans -- Evacuation And Relocation
  • 1942-1945
  • Students
  • Transfer Of -- Oregon
  • National Japanese American Student Relocation Council
  • University Of Oregon


Photocopied from material belonging to the Division of Special Collections & University Archives, University of Oregon Libraries. This ' photocopy is for research use only. Further reproduction or citing requires permission. Please contact us at libweb. uoregon. edu/ speccoll/ LCd fM4 Samma J. ri11f: 4 .74yfteral , t. ieretery Friendl- Relatio- s A' rAT ladiscr . Avenue ev Yort City, law 70r% Dear Vr. lillet Dan Daeot of tile Urivr eity haE handed ne year parch 6th circular lettor. re have no oriental Poroign it' do"- tAs cfrs et nrisszt 71Lore are a coot' nary rftl et e000- d i , orora-tios of the Japanese * Ch'mene aml NDATFilITInon, but 41! lo Iaq'er of flea° are ail e- ltiroly solf- suportirc. There is no ices et Par as u- o aro qoncorred for financial eI! u" onstmary ' aelp Pro7 , % one or t oriaat. I should t71".& hose that :.- our ocri- ittee nir, ht bo interested in helploc to assist 11 the problem o? the Japrreco stu( loite who are appo: 7a7- tly Door to bo evacuated Prom . t..!' o universities aid collagen on the Coast and will wish to a: ter instituUenz outside t- lo deans° areas, It G!, 0, 116 that tiezo tents are received Ev_ 4 1.7J/ coned into tbeve z. nostoolv rarl Onthftnk 1' o1 of 71ersortno1 AdWristra ion T'Osoa

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