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Strong-field approximation for Coulomb explosion of H-2(+) and D-2(+) by short intense laser pulses

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  • We Present A Simple Quantum Mechanical Model To Describe Coulomb Explosion Of H-2(+) And D-2(+) By S
  • Intense Infrared Laser Pulses
  • The Model Is Based On The Length Gauge Version Of The Molecular Strong-Field Approximation And Is Va
  • The Results Are Compared With Recent Experimental Data For The Proton Kinetic Energy Spectrum [Th
  • Ergler
  • Phys
  • Rev
  • Lett
  • 95
  • 093001 (2005)
  • D
  • S
  • Murphy
  • J
  • Phys
  • B 40
  • S359 (2007)]
  • Using A Franck-Condon Distribution Over Initial Vibrational States
  • The Theory Reproduces The Overall Shape Of The Spectrum With Only A Small Overestimation Of Slow Pro
  • The Agreement Between Theory And Experiment Can Be Made Perfect By Using A Non-Frank-Condon Initial
  • For Comparison
  • We Also Present Results Obtained By Two Different Tunneling Models For This Process
  • Design
  • Economics


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