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Desarrollo de una plataforma para la gestión del conocimiento sobre agroecología en Ecuador

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Agroecology, recognized by the UN as a production system that allows farmers to be sustainable through time, still lacks supporting tools that allows information to be organized and disseminated so it can be replicated and adopted nowadays. In Ecuador the Colectivo Agroecologico a space for coordination that manages to bring together multiple networks, organizations, associations and groups of farmers and consumers working to promote agroecology and food sovereignty, have the need of a tool that manage content generated within the organization. This paper proposes the creation of a platform for knowledge management and maintenance of agroecological online communities, under the standards proposed by the Agricultural Information Management Standards within the Office of Extension, Research and Knowledge Exchange FAO, within which was held a volunteer for three months. As result of volunteering and following the checklist for creating digital repositories proposed by the IMARK, the criteria that the platform require were established, subsequently a hierarchical analysis was performed with the help of experts that had experience in four content management systems; WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and a Drupal customization known as AgriDrupal. This analysis suggests that the best option for creating the platform is AgriDrupal with 30.64% followed by WordPress 27.9%, Drupal 22.7% and Joomla with 18.76%. The creation of the platform starts from a clean installation of AgriDrupal inside of a commercial server, the name of the platform is: Plataforma de Libre Acceso a Saberes Agroecológicos Sur (P.L.A.S.A. Sur). Finally, the paper describes the installation process and explains the general operation of the platform interface by screen captures.

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