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Characterization of Iron Uptake from Ferrioxamine B by Chlorella vulgaris

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  • Metabolism And Enzymology
  • Chemistry


Iron uptake from two Fe3+-hydroxamate siderophores, ferrioxamine B and Fe3+-rhodotorulate, by iron-stressed Chlorella vulgaris (ATCC strain 11468) was evaluated with some comparison to iron uptake from synthetic and organic acid ferric chelates. Iron-stress induced iron uptake from ferrioxamine B. Dissipation of the electrochemical gradient, via uncouplers, inhibited iron uptake. Respiratory inhibitors gave variable results, an indication that a direct link to respiration was not apparent. Vanadate inhibition of iron uptake indicated that an ATPase or phosphate intermediate could be involved in the uptake mechanism. Divalent cations manifested variable effects dependent on the cation and chelator used. These data confirm that C. vulgaris has an inducible iron-uptake system for Fe3+-hydroxamic acid siderophores which may involve a different mechanism than that observed for other chelates.

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