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"Jumbo" Council: Commission outlines joint policy approach. Information Memo P-67/82, November 1982

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IALJMANUEND \rHurrtr - ornEvnEhunurrt - sv\Lq Orr,,tAan EknpO:OnOr/ TynO/ - GldtPo DEL POFrA\tl)CE - BIREAIJ VAN DE WOORoI,OERD€R Itlontllt0il . ilfltnitll0nt$Glfi lu]iltGillll|ll[ .l]l]0Rillil[]l illilq. x0l! _ll'lill0niltll[t tlilfp0o0Pllt0lllr'ltlrltr.ll0IA ll'lrlr0nilrllulll'IIR 00GUt,**t,l If Bffi&ffiyBrusseLs, November 1982 ''JUMBO" COUNCIL COMMISSIOIi .![.-s JOINT POLICY APPROACH ,'Europets most pervasive pro[l.em :s now the high and growing LeveL of unempLoyment. Given the severity of the current recession and the recent sharp aggravation of unemployment, e:onomic and sociat poLicy in the Community shouLd be geared even more directLy towards the cre;tion nf an economic environment more favourable to empLoyment creatir,,n". * Srtclr is rhe centraL theme of the poLicy paper, prepared under the autho;.ity of Pr+sidentThorn and Commissioners OrtoIi, Richard and Davignon, which has jusi been appnrverl as the"Communication of the Commission to the Joint Meeting of minitt".s otr Finance and Economic Affairs and EmpLoyment and SociaL Affairs" (1). This mer:trnq is scheduled for Brussets on 16 November. The Communication sets out a series of proposed Community initiatives on the economic an.d sociaL fronts to respond to the unemptoyment problem. The jobLess crisis, notes the communication, has deteriorated since mid-1981, despite the efforts of an ear[ier Joint Counci[ - held in June last year - to develop a coordinated ecOnomic and sociaI poLicy approaeh. Since then, however, "anxieties have increased rather than aLLayed", and the need for poLicies Leading to a stronger soclaI consensus has strer"rgthrned. Over the last year, unempIoyment has risen sharpty, Connunity grohJth has stagnated, and investment has sagged' Faced with this, the Commission recomnends to Community Economic and Sociat Ministers measures fai.Iing under three nain headings : (i) Strengthening the economic envirortment (ii) Reorganisation of working :-. re (i i i ) Impr.ovornent of emptoymert opportun:ties for

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