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uvbyHbeta photometry of main sequence A type stars.

Astronomy and Astrophysics Supplement Series
EDP Sciences
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  • Estels
  • Cinemàtica Galàctica
  • Fotometria Astronòmica
  • Stars: Distances
  • Stars: Early-Type
  • Stars: Fundamental Parameters
  • Galaxy: Kinematics And Dynamics
  • Physics


We present Stroemgren uvby and Hbeta_ photometry for a set of 575 northern main sequence A type stars, most of them belonging to the Hipparcos Input Catalogue, with V from 5mag to 10mag and with known radial velocities. These observations enlarge the catalogue we began to compile some years ago to more than 1500 stars. Our catalogue includes kinematic and astrophysical data for each star. Our future goal is to perform an accurate analysis of the kinematical behaviour of these stars in the solar neighbourhood.

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