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Memorandum from Joshua Lederberg [on conversation with Ray Barratt about Edward L.Tatum]

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OFFICE MEMORANDUM l STANFORD UNIVERSITY l OFFICE MEMORANDUM . STANFORD UNIVERSITY . OFFICE MEMORANDUM DATE: December 3, 1976 To : File FROM : Joshua Lederberg SUBJECT: Conversation with Ray Barratt with respect to Ed Tatum. (Humboldt State University, 468-D Science Building, Arcata, CA (707)826-3256) I called Ray particularly because June Tatum had asked me to and had mentioned that Ray had picked up a good many records, and she wondered what had happened to them. When I called him, he said that this referred to his having taken on the responsibility for the Neurospora stock collection which he had promised to Ed on a visit to him a few weeks before he died. The upshot is that the mutant strains and the necessary records are being kept at the Neurospora stock culture collection. His own notebooks and historical records are archived at Rockefeller, and the collected reprints and bibliographies on Neurospora should be on file at the Biology Department here. He was quite eager to help me put together a coherent story, and he wanted me to stress what he felt was Ed's most important role as a statesman of science in connection with NSF and NIH. He suggested that Kay Wilson might be a good consultant on that. We will talk some more later on about the early history of biochemical genetics. He said that Guz Ehrensward visited the laboratory at some time and he thought this had something to do with the Nobel committee.

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