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Analysis of castellated beams according to Eurocode 3

Croatian association of civil engineers
Publication Date
  • Saćasti Nosač
  • Proračun
  • Eurokod 3
  • Otpornost Na Savijanje
  • Dimenzioniranje
  • Norma Din
  • Castellated Beam
  • Analysis
  • Eurocode 3
  • Bending Resistance
  • Design
  • Din Standard
  • Economics


The use of castellated beams instead of solid web beams for large spans is considered. Some recent studies are presented, and conditions under which such structural elements can prove defective are proposed. The analysis of such beams according to Eurocode 3 is presented in the paper, and the results obtained are compared with the DIN standard, which is used in our country. Taking note of appropriate parametric analyses, the authors point to the area in which castellated beams can be economical, because of their relative slenderness and span sizes.

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