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Proceedings: Ivestigations on serum protein changes in mice after whole-body x-irradiation combined with open skin wounds.

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ABSTRACTS OF PROFFERED PAPERS 765 COMPARATIVE EFFECTS OF CYTO- TOXIC AGENTS ON LYMPHO- MYELOID TISSUES IN MICE. J. G. SHARP and D. K. NELSON, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha. The effects of x-irradiation, nitrogen mustard, vincristine and busulphan on the lymphomyeloid tissues have been compared in 2 strains of mice. The initial damaging effects of these agents on whole tissues are remarkably similar, even though their known modes of action and effects on stem cells are very different. Altered nutrition and the removal of damaged cells by the immune system appear to be implicated. The patterns and duration of the recovery phases show considerable differences between various lym- phomyeloid tissues and strains of mice. These differences not only result from the differing effects of the various drugs on the precursor cell populations with differing kinetic properties, but also from the influence of systemic and local humoral (micro- environmental) factors which regulate the patterns of stem cell differentiation during the recovery phase. The differences between 2 strains of mice appear to result from the differing size of their stem cell compartments. INTERACTION OF TETRACYCLINE AND LUCANTHONE ON RADIATION DAMAGE IN MAMMALIAN EM- BRYOS AS DEPENDENT ON LET (EXPERIMENTS WITH PIONS). H. FRITZ-NIGGLi and CH. MICHEL, Strahlen- biologisches Institut der Universitat Zurich. The very high sensitizing effects of iodo- acetamide, tetracyclines and lucanthone for embryonic systems of rat and mouse are presented. In comparison, we studied the effect of tetracyclines and lucanthone on malignant tumours and tissue cultures (Fritz- Niggli, Michel and Rao, Agents and Action8, 1974, 4, 54). Interesting differences in response are shown. The sensitizing effects of the drugs mentioned are studied in relation to LET. Data with the pions of 590 MeV proton accelerator of SIN are represented as well as experiments with 31 MeV photons and 15 MeV electrons. Although the relative biological effectiveness of

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