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JETP Letters V. 65, I .08

MAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.
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JETP Letters -- April 25, 1997 Volume 65, Issue 8, pp. 593-700 Transformation of the pair correlation function of galaxies near a caustic Yu. N. Eroshenko and M. I. Zel'nikov Full Text: PDF (114 kB) Exact renormalization group and running Newtonian coupling in higher-derivative gravity A. A. Bytsenko, L. N. Granda, and S. D. Odintsov Full Text: PDF (87 kB) Search for the invisible axion emitted in the M1 transition in 125mTe A. V. Derbin, A. I. Egorov, I. A. Mitropol'skii, V. N. Muratova, S. V. Bakhlanov, and L. M. Tukhkonen Full Text: PDF (74 kB) Concerning experiments on coherent transition radiation by relativistic electrons N. F. Shul'ga and S. N. Dobrovol'skii Full Text: PDF (95 kB) Radiative energy loss of high-energy quarks in finite-size nuclear matter and quark–gluon plasma B. G. Zakharov Full Text: PDF (117 kB) Grand unification and heavy axion V. A. Rubakov Full Text: PDF (87 kB) Observation of coherent x-ray production by 800-MeV electrons in a periodic triple-crystal target M. Yu. Andreyashkin, V. N. Zabaev, V. V. Kaplin, S. R. Uglov, K. Nakayama, and I. Endo Full Text: PDF (93 kB) Magnetic moment of type-II superconductors near the critical field Hc2 and the formation of metastable states for Ginzburg–Landau parameter kappa < 1 Yu. N. Ovchinnikov Full Text: PDF (125 kB) Effect of impurities on the low-temperature behavior of the specific heat of anisotropic superconductors in a mixed state Yu. S. Barash, A. A. Svidzinskii, and V. P. Mineev Full Text: PDF (124 kB) Effect of spin relaxation on the polarization of excitonic luminescence in disordered systems L. E. Golub and A. A. Kiselev Full Text: PDF (93 kB) Evolution of vacancy defects in the surface layers of a metal irradiated with a pulsed electron beam V. I. Lavrent'yev, A. D. Pogrebnyak, and R. Sandrik Full Text: PDF (108 kB) Exciton–exciton collisions and conversion of interwell excitons in GaAs/AlGaAs superlattices A. I. Filin, V. B. Timofeev, S. I. Gubarev, D. Birkedal, and J. M. Hvam Full Text: PDF (96 kB) Characteristic features of vortex depinning in a layered superconductor V. N. Zavaritskii Full Text: PDF (107 kB) Application of symmetry operations for construction of quasiperiodic structures in a plane A. A. Polyakov Full Text: PDF (96 kB) From effective BCS action to vortex dynamics G. E. Volovik Full Text: PDF (95 kB) Electronic structure of linear chains of fullerenes V. A. Levashov, A. A. Remova, and V. R. Belosludov Full Text: PDF (65 kB) Thermal conductivity of crystalline fullerite C60 in the simple cubic phase V. B. Efimov, L. P. Mezhov-Deglin, and R. K. Nikolaev Full Text: PDF (84 kB) Supersymmetric spin glass S. Gukov Full Text: PDF (126 kB)

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