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Labor in the European Community No. 10, November 1965

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• • • Prooress in communib social Policy Progress on social policy in the European Community was slowed this year by the crisis which broke out the night of June 30 over further financing of agricultural policy, increased powers of the European Parliament, and Community revenues accruing from agricultural levies and customs duties. The failure to reach agreement in the EEC Council of Ministers led to the withdrawal of French representatives from the Council and most Community institutions and prevented the taking of important decisions in many sectors, including that of social policy. Nonetheless, Community work on social problems continued in many fields such as readaptation, vocational training, and the harmonization of national laws. This issue of Labor in the Euro- pean Community reviews some of that work and several aspects of the social situation in the Community. Articles are: * Wage Equality for Women Workers, page 2. A study of wage discrepancies between men and women workers in the Community. * Commissioner Discusses EEC Social Policy, page 7. A com- mentary on the EEC Commission's role in social policy. * Social Security Expenditures in the Community, page 10. Comparisons of spending in Europe and the United States. * Vocational Training in the EEC: Belgium, page 12. The fourth of six articles on member countries' vocational training programs. * Sixth ECSC Housing Program Approved, page 15. Financial aid for workers' housing allotted by the High Authority. * Readaptation Assistance Granted, page 16. New sums for retraining and support of ECSC workers. Requests for additional publications or for information on specific questions relating to the European labor situation should be sent to the European Community Information Service, 808 Farragut Building, Washington, D. C. 20006. waue Eoualib lor women workers All of the EEC countries have made considerable progress toward the go

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