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Dotazník interakčního stylu učitele

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  • Dotazník Interakčního Stylu Učitele
  • Interakce Učitel - žák
  • Interakční Styl Učitele
  • Teorie T
  • Learyho
  • Komunikace Mezi Učitelem A žákem
  • Klima školy
  • Klima školní Třídy
  • The Questionnaire Of Interactive Style Of The Teacher
  • The Interaction Teacher - Student
  • The Interactive Style Of The Teacher
  • The Theory Of T
  • Leary
  • The Communication Between The Teacher And The Student
  • The Clime Of School
  • The Clime Of School Classroom
  • Communication
  • Psychology


The theme of my diploma work is The Questionnaire of Interactive Style of the Teacher. This work consists of the theoretical and the practical part. In the theoretical part I introduce the questionnaire of interactive style of the teacher and engage in the social interaction between the teacher and student, the pedagogical communication, the assessment of students, the climate of the school and class. I describe the older school age from the viewpoint of developmental psychology and the personality of teacher too. In the practical part I describe the questionnaire of interactive style of the teacher and present results of my research when I used the questionnaire in several classes and at several teachers. Apart from results I described the course of work with this questionnaire in these classes, the atmosphere, questions and the following discussion. The aim of my diploma work was, on the basis of acquired materials, to show teachers the possible way of processing and the application of this questionnaire.

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