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Variant complex chromosome translocation with chronic

Journal of Paramedical Sciences
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  • Cml
  • Aml
  • Complex Variant Translocation
  • Malignancy
  • Iran


A large number of simple or complex translocation involving the CML and AML chromosomal abnormalities has been described. This study was aimed to investigate the complex chromosome aberrations in the series of myeloid malignancies including CML and AML. The present report deals analyzed 187 consecutive with CML and AML patients, using Methotrexate cell synchronization and un-stimulated cultures of cells to determine the incidence of chromosomal aberrations and association of complex variant chromosome anomalies according to French American British morphological subtypes. The results revealed an abnormal karyotype with a novel complex translocation involving chromosomes 1,2,4,9,11,22. Complex variant translocations were found in two cases of AML and two cases of CML. The present reports provides sufficient grounds for assuming that a chromosomes involving of complex abnormalities plays an important role in the development of malignancy.

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