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Area V Minute News

California Regional Medical Programs. Area V
Publication Date
  • October 1968 - October 1970
  • California Regional Medical Program
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  • Respiratory Tract Diseases
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  • Cerebrovascular Disorders
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cfma1e2.tmp A.REA ... ,’.’, ~.~e ~= mkinut e nfSw$ ;‘ ?OL.“I- NO. 19 The pu~uaty Dfsecae Service ati”the Divieion of PostgraduateMedical Edu- cation, both of USC School Of Medicine, .“ till join forcee with the TB and Res- piratory DieeaEe A+ciation of L. A. county, October 18 tb apon.corthe one- dey Sympoeiumbeing ptarmd by Wilbur Y. Hall.ett,?4.Di,Director of the W V Project for Physiciau Education in Early Chronic,RespiratoryDfeeeae. The conferencewill brf.ortogetherspecial- tiea in the clinical,eriibasic science aspects of kespiratorg?disecee,pulnDn- ary physiqlogp, infectioue diaeasee, energy end immunology,pathology, etc., to discuss early pethogenesla,detection, natural history,and therapy. The dia- CUBSione are expecked td~.leadto the developmentof the best POSEible criteria and methods for the early detection, evaluationand mcnagedcnt of patients ,#0 participate in the ARKA V Project, well,as provide a basis for “theteach- f.ngprogram which is a pert of the’proj- ect. .’— A ~‘f*ak-Force Itasbeen appointed by the M V STROKE CX2MMITTSEto develop a role ~~ descriptionand course outline for a,Stroke Liaison Nurse. Included in the aesignment is a descriptionof the duties an&nespon- eibilities.of the liafson nurse end,guide- 1ine8 for.Utilizationof this nurne in a eettins. Four community hospital:wili,,be aelecte~ to participate in a pilot p?mgram involving the training and implementationoS.a etroke lf.riieon nurse in their health care service. Mem- .bersof the Stroke Lieison Nurse Tack Force are: Mrs. Colleen Madaris, RN, MS, (City of Rope Medical Center)Miss Mary Metzger, RN (2AC0-USC,Medical Center) Miss Mary Pratt, SW(Rcncho Los.,Amigos Rospital)Miss Jan Davfd,[email protected] ?-08 Amigoe Hospital)Mrs;~Joeephine,PreLsner, RN (St, Joeeph Hospitsl):MiES Angela ,$hieea,RN (Cunrnunity{:NOspital of,Sen briel) I&s. J4crilyn’Friedman,.RN \CalifornfaState.College,L.A.) Mra. Yi+renSchultz, RN,(VieitingNurse Aeao- cfstion) I&s. Ray D. Fuller, RN @ Miss Dorothy E. Ande

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