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Determination of Saturated Hydrocarbon from Nigerian Crude Oil from Selected Oil Wells: A Comparative Study

Journal of Energy Technologies and Policy
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The saturated hydrocarbons were isolated from the crude oil samples by the use of SARA separation and column chromatography methods. The fractions obtained were identified using GC-MS. The result shows that the saturated hydrocarbons presence in the samples indicate that all the samples spectra indicated the presence of Trans-decalin-2-methyl, Dodecane, Tridecane, Tetradecane, Pentadecane, Hexadecane, Octadecane, Nonadecane and Eicosane, all at a minimum quality of correlation of 70%. The result of the GC-MS indicated that sample D has the highest number of saturated hydrocarbons presence in a minimum quality of % correlation of 70% and sample E has the lowest amount of saturated hydrocarbons. Keywords: Crude oil drilling, GC-MS, Sara analysis, Saturated hydrocarbons, Trans-decalin-2-methyl

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