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Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts
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  • Pomorski Nadzor
  • Obalna Država
  • Upravljanje Pomorskim Prometom
  • Jurisdikcija.
  • Maritime Surveillance
  • Coastal State
  • Vessel Traffic Management
  • Jurisdiction
  • Law


Maritime surveillance is enforced by a coastal state in order to enhance the safety of maritime navigation and protect its own interests Since such activity is also related to vessel traffic management, it involves collecting the data on maritime facilities and maritime traffic, providing the data on maritime facilities, providing navigational consultancy services and support in navigation, as well as the organization of navigation and vessel traffic management. The authors point out that interdependence of coastal state interests and interests of the ship in navigation is vital for achieving satisfactory level of navigational safety and that extraordinary technological progress and expressed willingness of international maritime community have facilitated to coastal states or flag ship states the access to traffic situation at any moment or under any condition. The paper reviews existing reporting regimes and technological achievements, points out that such technological advances result in the demands of coastal states to participate more actively in operating the traffic and to enforce international and national regulations more efficiently. Solutions of the European Union are analysed as well, accentuating the issue of confidentiality and data exchange in this field. Attention of the authors is concentrated on the impact of novel technological systems and on the capabilities and limitations of the coastal state with regard to implementing current legislation in the area of surveillance and to the need of proposing novel legislative arrangements aligned with the latest advances in vessel traffic monitoring navigation technology, especially in the area beyond the limits of national jurisdiction.

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