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Thermal decomposition of hydrotalcite with hexacyanoferrite(II) and hexacyanoferrate(III) anions in the interlayer : a controlled rate thermal analysis study

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  • 030606 Structural Chemistry And Spectroscopy
  • Hexacyanoferrite(Ii)
  • Hexacyanoferrate(Iii)
  • Hydrotalcite
  • Takovite
  • Pyroaurite
  • Controlled Rate Thermal Analysis
  • Crta


The mechanism for the decomposition of hydrotalcite remains unsolved. Controlled rate thermal analysis enables this decomposition pathway to be explored. The thermal decomposition of hydrotalcites with hexacyanoferrite(II) and hexacyanoferrate(III) in the interlayer has been studied using controlled rate thermal analysis technology. X-ray diffraction shows the hydrotalcites studied have a d(003) spacing of 11.1 and 10.9 Å which compares with a d-spacing of 7.9 and 7.98 Å for the hydrotalcite with carbonate or sulphate in the interlayer. Calculations based upon CRTA measurements show that 7 moles of water is lost, proving the formula of hexacyanoferrite(II) intercalated hydrotalcite is Mg6Al2(OH)16[Fe(CN)6]0.5 .7 H2O and for the hexacyanoferrate(III) intercalated hydrotalcite is Mg6Al2(OH)16[Fe(CN)6]0.66 * 9 H2O. Dehydroxylation combined with CN unit loss occurs in three steps between a) 310 and 367°C b) 367 and 390°C and c) between 390 and 428°C for both the hexacyanoferrite(II) and hexacyanoferrate(III) intercalated hydrotalcite.

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