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Number of hypoxia events and/or extent of hypoxic areas. Methodological factsheet in support of comparable measurements and integrated assessment in coastal zones

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  • Anthropogenic Effects
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  • Hypoxia
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Venice, 10th December 2010 pegasoproject ■eu S E I United Natcns Intergovernmental Educational Scientific and Oceanographic Cultural Organization Commission IOC UNESCO / Leader Task 4.1 Contact Francesca Santoro, Julian Barbiere E-mail f.santoro@ Phone: +33 1 45683952 pegasoproject How to cite this factsheet: PEGASO Consortium . 2013. Num ber o f hypoxia events a n d /o r exten t o f hypoxic areas. M ethodologica l factsheet in support o f com parable m easurem ents and in tegrated assessment in coastal zones. 5 p. in Santoro, F., Lescrauwaet, A.K., Giraud, J.P., Lafitte, A., Pirlet, H., Verleye, T., and Breton, F. (eds.). PEGASO Core Set o f Indicators fo r In tegrated Coastal Zone M anagem ent. PEGASO Project FP7. www.pegasopro INDICATORS FOR INTEGRATED COASTAL ZONE MANAGEMENT (ICZM) : Methodological Factsheets in support o f comparable measurements and an integrated assessment in coastal zones The ICZM Protocol for the Mediterranean Sea (the 'ICZM Protocol'), signed in M adrid on 21 January 2008 and ra tified on 24 March 2011, represents a m ilestone fo r the im p lem enta tion o f ICZM in the Region and can serve as a b luep rin t fo r the im p lem enta tion o f ICZM in o the r Regional Seas. The PEGASO project builds on existing capacities and develops com m on approaches to support integrated policies fo r th e M editerranean and Black Sea Basins in ways th a t are consistent w ith th e ICZM Protocol. The PEGASO pro ject has developed a core set of indicators th a t are instrum enta l in m easuring the im p lem en ta tion o f ICZM policies and program m es. The core set o f ICZM indicators addresses th e specific requ irem en t o f A rtic le 27 o f th e Protocol to 'define coastal m anagem ent ind icators ' and 'establish and m ain ta in up-to-date assessments of the use and management of coastal zones'. In doing so, the PEGASO pro ject has w ide ly b u ilt on previous and exist

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