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Rovné příležitosti mužů a žen na trhu práce

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  • Genderová Diferenciace
  • Bariéry Na Trhu Práce
  • Management
  • Mateřská Dovolená
  • Gender Differentiation
  • Barriers On The Labour Market
  • Management
  • Maternity Leave
  • Education
  • Law


The aim of this bachelory work is barrier-uncovering which are on the labour market in different ways. Women are disadvantaged in different areas firstly getting the job, secondly rewarding, being promoted to top positions and furthermore her double position as mother and employee. The next part of the bachelory work is salary analysis on managing positions according to gender in comparison with age, reached education, enterprise size, branche. Another part is the analysis of female representation in different sectors, branches and management. The work deals with possible solution proposals which lead to elimination of disadvantaging barriers against women. Firstly media should make these barriers visible to public, secondly there should be more precise legislativity, thirdly companies should start with management diversity, fourthly labour market segregation should be eleminated and fifthly gender stereotypes (which consider woman as mother) should be reduced.

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