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Peculiar Magnetism of the Sm(1− x)GdxTiO3System

Journal of Solid State Chemistry
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DOI: 10.1006/jssc.2000.8905
  • Magnetic Order
  • Magnetic Exchange
  • Exchange Inversion
  • Itinerant-Electron Magnetism.
  • Physics


Abstract Magnetic susceptibility measurements were made on polycrystalline samples of the system Sm (1− x) Gd x TiO 3 (0.10≤ x≤1.0) and on single-crystal GdTiO 3. A systematic decrease in the magnetic ordering temperature with increasing x<0.5, falling below 5 K at x=0.5 and increasing with x>0.5, was interpreted to signal a competition between antiferromagnetic and ferromagnetic coupling among itinerant π * electrons of the TiO 3 array. In a field H>1 kOe, GdTiO 3 approached saturation with a moment of 6 μ B/formula unit, consistent with collinear-spin ferrimagnetism. Semicovalent exchange was invoked to justify the observed antiferromagnetic coupling between Gd(III) and Ti(III) spins. However, the M– H curves taken in ±50 kOe were unusual; they were essentially anhysteretic with no measurable remanence or coercivity, but a small ferromagnetic component observed in 20 Oe was typical of a weak, canted-spin ferromagnetism on an antiferromagnetic TiO 3 array. The lack of hysteresis and the approach to a ferrimagnetic saturation in high magnetic fields was found for all x for small as well as high applied fields. Although the TiO 3 array orders antiferromagnetically below a critical temperature, a ferromagnetic moment was induced on the TiO 3 array by an applied magnetic field and by the molecular field associated with antiferromagnetic Gd–Ti interactions. The applied H required to saturate the ferromagnetic moment on the TiO 3 array decreased with increasing x.

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