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From Access Management System (AMS) to a Ubiquitous Access Management System (UbAMS), over Federated Access Management System (FAMS)

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The increasing needs for updated information and collaborations around the world initiates the need to integrate Access Management Systems (AMS) with each other. The integration of AMS developed the concept of Federated Access Management Systems (FAMS). However, even this development was not able to cease the need for maintaining multiple accounts; it could only reduce the need. Moreover, the existing AMS and FAMS do not provide the security and privacy desired; these systems tend to have trust, identification and biased services issues related to them. Along with these performance issues, a lack of personalisation, usability and accessibility issues also reside. Furthermore, following extensive analysis of the current systems, a new term has been invented for an innovative system which will address all the limitations and constraints of AMS and FAMS—Ubiquitous Access Management Systems (UbAMS). UbAMS will provide users with access to their web accounts and services from any access management system, rather than providing access to a specific set of systems. It will also provide personalisation features, alongside compliance with accessibility and usability standards.

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