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Adulthood is a period of stability and lifetime reproductive search ie period of adjustment in new lifestyle. In adulthood many new problems that must be faced by someone. In most adult men and women attempt to adjust themselves in the life of marriage. Marriage for everyone is a highly anticipated not only for women, men too. In today they are already adults, especially women should have had maturity of thought, independence and began to study family life. Departure from this The authors conducted research with the aim of knowing the factors that background of adult women postpone marriage and its impact. This research is a qualitative study that aims to describe the factors that shape adult women postpone marriage. In this research, data collection method using a technique unstructured interviews and open and use the personality test is a test graphics. In analyzing data using descriptive data analysis. Psychologically from the research that has been made known that the factors underlying adult women postpone marriage because of some reason is the existence of experiences unpleasant happens, resistance from the family that is frequently not condoned parents, clumsiness in relationships with the opposite sex and to provide criteria for the selection restrictions couples. Besides the psychological personality possessed less likely cook, egocentric and idealism so embarrass one's self adjusting power with others. The psychological impact generated is at moments may interfere with the development of certain subjects such as the existence sosioemosional feeling awkward or anxious in a relationship with the opposite sex, a sense of experienced loneliness and feeling insecure and less confident to deal with the opposite sex so that the need to mingle with the opposite sex compensated through association with co-workers or family.

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