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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Channing H. Lushbough

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FE8 2 8 f974 Citizens’ Commission ON Science, Law AND ~31~ Food Su/$y LOCATED AT THE ROCKEFELLER UNIVERSITY 1230 YORK AVENUE AT 66th STREET - NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10021 . TELEPHONE (212) 360-1797 February 25, 1974 MEMO TO: John Burns H. E. Carter Julius M. Coon Emilio Q. Daddario William J. Darby Emmanuel Farber E. M. Foster Leon Golberg Samuel E. Goldblith Richard L. Hall Joshua LederbergH Norton Nelson Bernard L. Oser Samuel E. Stumpf John W. Tukey Gerald N. Wogan FROM: Channing H. Lushbough RE: Report on Recent Symposia and Public Conferences has The Citizens' Commission on Science, Law and the Food Supply agreed to summarize and evaluate the contents and conclusions of recent symposia and public conferences which were organized to consider important social and ethical considerations i'ncurred by consumers through the use of food additives. We are obliged to prepare a balanced., proper and reasonably brief description of these meetings, with emphasis not on the interpretations and conclusions reached regarding specific issues; but rather on their relation to the development of a broad fundamental philosophy and practical guidelines for benefit:risk decision making. As a speaker, participant or attendee at one or,more of the meetings and series of symposia, may we have the benefit of your prompt comments and suggestions on the enclosed draft text. It has been pre- pared essentially as an outline to be fleshed out with your additions and modifications. A return envelope is enclosed for your convenience. could mail it to us by Wednesday, If you March 8, we will be able to move toward prompt completion of this report to the Food and Drug Administration. Thank you very much. Enclosure cr

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