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Comparative analysis and statistical design of Shewhart charts with runs rules and Shewhart-CUSUM chart

서울대학교 대학원
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  • 슈하르트
  • Shewhart
  • 런 규칙
  • Runs Rules
  • 누적합
  • Cusum
  • 관리도
  • Control Chart
  • Design


The traditional Shewhart control chart is well known to have a good property of sensing large shifts in statistic process control. To improve the sensitivity to small shifts, many researches of runs rules have been performed. Shewhart charts applied with runs rules tend to show better performance compared to the original Shewhart chart. However, not many comparisons have been made between Shewhart charts with runs rules and other control chart schemes, which diminish the relevance of using runs rules in practice. On the other hand, the CUSUM control chart is another universal form of control charts which is well known to have a good statistical property of sensing small shifts. Among the many former researches performed to improve the CUSUM chart, the Shewhart- CUSUM chart is one of the major evolutions of the CUSUM chart which is known to be an effective method to improve CUSUM responsiveness to large shifts. In this research, we propose a new Shewhart-CUSUM chart and perform a comparative analysis between the proposed chart and Shewhart charts with runs rules. A Markov chain approach is employed to calculate in-control and out-of-control average run lengths() of the control charts. Shewhart charts incorporated with runs rules are designed to perform effectively on a typical average shift, due to a reasonable in-control run length. The Shewhart-CUSUM charts are designed to match control limits of Shewhart charts with runs rules. Numerical examples show that the statistical performances of Shewhart-CUSUM charts are superior to Shewhart charts with runs rules in most situations. * Note: The text above is the abstract of the thesis. You can use the full-text by clicking the Link(URL) of item record and the viewer program will be installed automatically. In case of having problem with the viewer program installation, please download it manually using this url

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