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Integration, Federalism and Cohesion in the European Community: Lessons from Canada



: POlicy Research Series PAPER:NO. 16 MARCH,¯1993. THE ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL RESID\RCH INSTITUTE COUNCIL * TOMAS F. 6 COFAIGH. Presqdent of the. Instit~ae. * EUGENE McCARTI-IY, Chai~vnan of the Council ~’ KEVIN BONNER, Secletao’, Departnumt of Entmpria’e and Employment. VANI K. BOROOAH, Profe-~sm, Department of Applied Economical" and 14uman Resource Managemm~t, University of UL~t~.’c atJordanstown. .JAMES CAWLE~-; Managing I:’actner, C¢~wbO, & Company, Solicito~’. LIAM CONNELLAN, Vice-Pre~ident, Royal Dublin So~ety. * SI?~N CROMIEN, Secretary, Departmtmt of Finance. * MARGARET DOWNES, Dimctm; Bank of Ireland. * MAURI,CE F. DOYLE, GovernoT; Central Bank of Ireland. DERMOT EGAN, Deputy Chief Executive, AIB C~’oup. * CONNELL FANNING, Professor, Department of Ecmiornics, University College, Cork. P.W. FLANAGAN, former Se.cretary, Department of Health. IAN GRAHAM, Consultant C~rdiologist, The Charlmnont Clinic, Dublin. GRAHAM G UDGI N, Directm; Nortluern IrelaTul Economic Rese.arch. Gentre. JOSEPH ]-IARFORD, Chief Executiue, )’amanouchi Ireland Company Limited. * KIERAN A. KENNEDY, Director of the Institute. PATRICK LYN CI-I, Chairman of the Institute, 198.3-1988. JOSEPH MORAN, Chief E.~culive, Electricity Supply Board. DONAL MURPHY, Director, Central Statistica Office. * DERMOT F. McALEESE, Whately I~’ofessor of Economies, Trinity College, Dublin. EDWARD F. McCUMISKEY, Secretary, Department of Social Welfare. FERGUS McGOVERN, Chief Executive, Telecom Eireann. * DONAL NE\qN,former General Secretacy, Irish Congress of Trade Unions. JOYCE O’CONNOR, Dh-ecto~; The National College of h~dusllial l~lations. t~kURICE O’GRADY, Director General, Irish Manag~nent Institute. PATRICK O’REILLY, Chief E.~cutive, EBS Building Society. * W.G.H. QUIGLEY, Chairman, Ulster Bank Limited. * NOEL SHEEHY, Professor, Department ofPs’),chologo; Queen’sUniversity of Belfast. MICHAELJ. SOMERS, Chief Execattive, National Treasury Management Agency. REV. CONOR K. "¢¢ARD, Social Science Resea

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