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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Theodore S. Hauschka

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November 25, 1954 Dr. Tl-~odore S. Hauschka The Institute for Cancer Research 7701 Burholme Avenue %xchase ?hiladelphia 11, Pennsylvania near Ted: Thank you for your provocative letter and note of the 18th. 1 hardly know why you would predict that 1 "won't like it". I had discussed the matter in very similar terms with both Paschkis and Klein but only by letter and I am looking forward to an opportunity of meeting them personally, George Klein's experil7ent seems very well to show that what-iver is carried over in the chromatin transfer exlxrimnts included not only the quality of tumor formation but also such or all of the antigenie specificity of tine donor tumor. Until one could more directly demonstrate that intact cells were present in the chromatin ;>reparations one cannot of course rely upon their participation. The methodology becomes very much like that involved in bacterial recombination ax_neriwnts, and for this ob- vious reason I have thought it advisable to include as many distinct genetic markers as possible. That still will not settle the matter f-inally until one can be sure whether there are or are n% intact cells present. I have wondered about still another approach. If intact cells are the agent, they might 'X expected to be resistant to DNAase, while if chromatin fragments are involved, this enzyme should inactivate them. It has been rebut- ted that the tissue fluids already contain amplc D&se, but this is not a suf- ficient argument in view of the success of {Griffith's ori&& exL>eriyents with pneumococci. I like the design of your crucial experiment E, Das anyone done the first control experiment that you indicate, so th:;:it one could predict whether this test woulc? be feastble? From the substance of ray corr.spondence wltn iilein 3rd your own remnrks under section D2 and 3, I would conclude that my most use-XL function at the discussions would not be so much a concrete review or discussion of Uein's own paper but rath

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