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  • Pendidikan Agama Islam Jurnal
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This artick informs the readers about Sbalawat Montro, one ofthe traditional cultures that still exists up to now. Shalcmiat Montro is a traditional dance that consists of dancing, singing dan telling a story of prophet Muhammad which isplayed by manypeople. Sbalawat Montro as a tradtional culture is very unique because it is rather a sincretical culture between lslamic culture andjavanese cultun. Hou>et>er, as a culture, it contains many values, even not only religous values but also, education, art and nasionalisme. Therefore it is impontant to knou> about it. Re/igious values thatmay be taken are abouthowmoskms love theirprophetMuhammad who has brought lslamic religion n>hich has guided them to live happily both in this workl and the hereafter. It also contains educational values, especially moral and historical education. Because one of the ekments in Shalawat Montro is telling history of the birth of the prophet Muhammad. And the values ofNasionalisme in Shahwat Montro can be seen in some sya'ir that contains Pancasifa as nasionalfoundation of lndonesia. However, ShaUm>at Montro as one ofthe traditional cultures that still exixts it, like other traditional cultures, almost diappears because of somefactors i.e. firstly, competition betaieen hcal culture andglobal culture in which global culture tends to be mnner, secondlj Indonesian people u>ho are less appreciative to the traditional culture, and so on.

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