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On the stranding of Balaenoptera physalus at Kota, Dakshin kannada

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ON THE STRANDING OF BALAENOPTERA PHYSALUS AT KOTA, DAKSfflNA KANNADA* On 14th April, 1991 at Kodi Kanyana (Kota) the carcass of a whale was stranded. The carcass was about 10m long and about 3 m wide and the entire fleshy part of the body was putrified. The news about the stranding appeard in the local paper on 16th May, 1991 and immediately the reporters rushed to the area to examine the available part of the specimen. Due to the action of waves, the body parts were washed away and only the lower rostrum (Jaw bone) and one vertebra (Fig. 1) could be ob- served. Based on the groove in the j aw and the spine on the vertebra the stranded whale has been iden- tified as Balaenopteraphysalus. Since the jaw bone was partially damaged, its measurement could not be taken. The horizontal length of vertebra (tip to tip) measured 63.5 cm. On enquiry, it was understood that the local fishermen had not seen any such animal stranded in that area prior to theirs. They also informed us that the en- trails spilt out on the day of stranding were more like huge pipes and the whole area was filled with stink. Fig. 1. Part of jaw bone and vertical view of the vertebra. * Reported by : C. Purandhara and C. H. Vaman Naik, Mangalore Research Centre of CMFRI, Mangalore. 18

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