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Discovery of very-high-energy gamma-rays from the Galactic Centre ridge.

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Durham Research Online Deposited in DRO: 08 May 2008 Version of attached file: Other Peer-review status of attached file: Peer-reviewed Citation for published item: Aharonian, F. and Akhperjanian, A. G. and Bazer-Bachi, A. R. and Beilicke, M. and Benbow, W. and Berge, D. and Bernlhr, K. and Boisson, C. and Bolz, O. and Borrel, V. and Braun, I. and Breitling, F. and Brown, A. M. and Chadwick, P. M. and Chounet, L. M. and Cornils, R. and Costamante, L. and Degrange, B. and Dickinson, H. J. and Djannati-Ata, A. and Drury, L. O. and Dubus, G. and Emmanoulopoulos, D. and Espigat, P. and Feinstein, F. and Fontaine, G. and Fuchs, Y. and Funk, S. and Gallant, Y. A. and Giebels, B. and Gillessen, S. and Glicenstein, J. F. and Goret, P. and Hadjichristidis, C. and Hauser, D. and Hauser, M. and Heinzelmann, G. and Henri, G. and Hermann, G. and Hinton, J. A. and Hofmann, W. and Holleran, M. and Horns, D. and Jacholkowska, A. and de Jager, O. C. and Khlifi, B. and Klages, S. and Komin, N. and Konopelko, A. and Latham, I. J. and Le Gallou, R. and Lemire, A. and Lemoine-Goumard, M. and Leroy, N. and Lohse, T. and Marcowith, A. and Martin, J. M. and Martineau-Huynh, O. and Masterson, C. and McComb, T. J. L. and de Naurois, M. and Nolan, S. J. and Noutsos, A. and Orford, K. J. and Osborne, J. L. and Ouchrif, M. and Panter, M. and Pelletier, G. and Pita, S. and Phlhofer, G. and Punch, M. and Raubenheimer, B. C. and Raue, M. and Raux, J. and Rayner, S. M. and Reimer, A. and Reimer, O. and Ripken, J and Rob, L. and Rolland, L. and Rowell, G. and Sahakian, V. and Saug, L. and Schlenker, S. and Schlickeiser, R. and Schuster, C. and Schwanke, U. and Siewert, M. and Sol, H. and Spangler, D. and Steenkamp, R. and Stegmann, C. and Tavernet, J. P. and Terrier, R. and Thoret, C. G. and Tluczykont, M. and van Eldik, C. and Vasileiadis, G. and Venter, C. and Vincent, P. and Vlk, H. J. and Wagner, S. J. (2006) ’Discovery of very-high-energy gamma-rays from the Galactic Centre ridge.’, Nature., 439 (7077). pp.

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