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Les Hiérarchies de la Terre du Poste de Détroit (1701) aux Cantons de Malden et de Sandwich (1871)

University of Windsor


SCecillon LANGUAGE AND SCHOOL CONFLICTS IN THE WINDSOR BORDER REGION, 1882-1920 Jack Cecillon In spite of its image as a peaceful, law-abiding society, Canada has been wracked by a series of ethnic and religious disputes since the Conquest. From the Manitoba Schools Crisis to the more recent issue of public funding for private religious schools in Ontario, ethnic and religious disputes have characterized our history. Such was certainly the case in the province of Ontario. Disputes over the Clergy Reserves in the nineteenth century fueled rivalries between various Christian denominations hungry for public financial support of their institutions. One of the most acrimonious of public debates in Ontario, however, has centered upon the issue of French and Catholic education Historians have chronicled the ongoing dispute over Catholic ed- ucation with a particular focus on the Confederation constitutional debates, French language schools in Manitoba and Ontario in particular, and the struggle for full funding in Ontario’s denom- inational schools at the secondary level. While much of the dispute has focused on the confessional nature of these schools and whether they had a right to public support, rivalries within the separate system have also attracted attention. Ontario historians have looked at the French language education issue and the ongoing dispute over the right of parents to instruct their children in such schools. However, the principle focus of these works has targeted the eastern and northern regions of the province, where the vast majority of the francophone population only began to settle well into the nineteenth century. In his work, Language, Schooling and Cultural Conflict, Chad Gaffield illustrates that the conflict over French language schooling in eastern Ontario surfaced in the late 1870s. Focusing on Prescott County, the author demonstrates that a combination of forces, beginning with an economic downturn and an increased participation of French-speaking

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