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DrupalCon Boston 2008 - jQuery & Drupal: A match made in heaven

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Presenters: Kyle Browning Track: design and user experience Session Description: SESSION OVERVIEW This session will be explaining how to integrate jQuery into Drupal, primarily focusing on how that is properly done, and going forward with some exciting things jQuery has to offer. It will be a typical lecture style and include quick on-site development examples. TRACK Design and User Experience AGENDA 1. Introduction — Who I am — Why I am here/Why I like jQuery — Small intro to jQuery 2. Integrating jQuery — Where it goes — How it gets called — Why its so easy — Should I upgrade jQuery? — Example 3. Posting information via jQuery — Logic behind it — The Menu Callback — Storing the information — Returning the data — Example 4. Dom Traversal — Why Traverse — Neat tricks — Example 5. Debugging* — How to do it — Alert no more — Example 6. Drag and Drop* — It’s uses — How its done — The tricky part is… — Example 7. Conclusion — Where to go from here — Where to get my source 8. Question and Answer *Denotes if Time is available. GOALS Mainly what I would like to see people get from this session is to answer What is jQuery? And some of those tough questions that I always ask myself: Is my way, the correct way?/Am I doing it the “Drupal-way”? What ways can I improve this method? RESOURCES (Drupal)Merely simple knowledge of the menu_hook, and theming functions are needed to understand certain aspects. (jQuery) I hope to see people who know little to nothing, so that they can see how exciting/easy jQuery is. People with current jQuery knowledge are also welcome to attend just to get a second opinion on how to handle jQuery with Drupal

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