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Information System Integration with Devices on Case of Meteorological Station

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  • Computer And Information Science
  • Earth Science


Planning, developing and integration of information system is a process which takes a good plan for realization. It is necessary to identify parts of information system, which are criticall for the proper functioning. They must also be resistent to inputs of false or undefined data. With these principles in mind the aim of the thesis was to create information system to support the operation of meteorological station and on the basis of an integrated IT system theoretically define Internet of Services and Internet of Things. We have identified the following parts of the information system which had priority in the realization. Part of the system, which allows the recording of measured meteorological data in the database and processing of it. And part of a system that realizes the web service and display current / historical data in the web application in a user-friendly way. For all these needs, we have developed an information system in Java EE 6. Information system consists of four tiers. The first tier is client tier that uses web browser technology to access the information system services. The second tier is web tier that uses JSF technology for generating web pages. The third tier is business tier that uses EJB for the business logic and JPA technology for object-relational mapping. The fourth and final tier is the database tier that uses MySQL to store data permanently.

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