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The Impact of Direct Payment for Rice Farming on National Economy

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  • Cge Model
  • Direct Payment For Rice Farming
  • Agricultural Policy
  • Cge 모형
  • 논농업 직불제
  • 농업 정책
  • Agricultural Science


This paper focuses on the impact of direcent for rice farming on national economy using the CGE model. The main results of this study as follows; In the first experiment, direct payment for rice farming using the subsidy(210.5 billion won) increases the welfare by 0.118 percent(510 billion won) and the GDP by 0.072 percent(347.6 billion won). In the second experiment, direct payment for rice farming(421 billion won) increases not only the welfare by 0.233 percent(1,0011.8 billion won), but also the GDP by 0.141 percent(684.4 billion won). In conclusion, direct payment for rice farming under the Korean Economy seems to be a useful instrument among agricultural policy instruments.

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