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Renewable energy governance systems

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Fossil Fuel •Coal •Gas •Oil Conversion •Power Plant •Boiler •Vehicle End-Use •Electricity •Heat •Transport Smart Energy Systems Holistic and Integrated Energy Systems for the era of 100% Renewable Energy Context Energy systems are currently undergoing a transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. This is occurring for a variety of reasons, which in an EU context includes: • To reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) • To reduce imported fossil fuels • To utilise local resources and create local jobs • To reduce the costs of energy towards 2050 This transition faces many challenges from a variety of different perspectives, including: • Technology: The development of new technologies and infrastructures, which will enable us to utilise renewable energy resources. • Business: The design of new markets, products, services, and industries so that these new technologies can be implemented. • Policy: The creation of new policy and institutions which will promote the most beneficial technologies for society, so that they are also the most profitable investments for these new businesses. This brochure focuses on the Technology phase of this transition, by outlining how it will be possible to provide society using 100% renewable energy before 2050, at a lower cost than fossil fuels. The Energy System of Today: Fossil Fuels Today, the design of the energy system is based on fossil fuels. This makes the energy system very flexible and reliable since large amounts of energy can be stored in liquid, gas, and solid form via fossil fuels. This means that energy can be provided ‘on demand’, as long as there is a suitable fossil fuel storage nearby, such as a diesel tank in a car, a gas tank for a boiler, or a coal storage for a power plant. Hence, fossil fuels have provided society with a lot of flexibility: fossil fuels store large amounts of energy so it is available on demand whenever it is required. However, in the fut

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