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Trapped internal waves produced by a submerged slender body moving in a stratified fluid

University of Southampton
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  • Vm Naval Architecture. Shipbuilding. Marine Engineering
  • Qc Physics


Analytical solutions are obtained for the disturbance generated by a singularity moving horizontally in a layer of a three layer fluid, each layer possessing a constant Brunt-Väisälä frequency. A radiation condition is enforced using an artificial damping mechanism. The singularity solution is developed into a continuous source/sink line distribution which is used to model a prolate spheroid. The disturbance velocity field generated by the body displays the characteristics associated with the propagation of trapped internal waves. The disturbance calculated on the fluid's surface is compared with those obtained using a constant density three layer fluid model and a constant Brunt-Väisälä frequency model. The patterns produced by the current model described herein display significant departures from previous patterns.

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