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i. 1- - i:- - r $ 1 jTa TEAMER TABLE. I Mr. Dooley says: OpnordinnltyFrom San Francisco. knocks nt lvcry man's dura wanst 2Vinturn , . ..........i.Aug. VI 25 On Komo men's dnred It hammersDoric Aug. till It breaks down th' dura an' thinFor Sin Francisco! Coptic Aug. 23 rock In an' 'wakes him up, an' afthcr-war- d Alameda Aug. 17 it wnr-rk- s f'r him as a night D From Vancouver: watchman. itliunvill . . iijiuhi A good ad. Is a good opportunity. For Vancouver: Manuka . . Aug. 24 KWwyuywwMWJiJwii)AjiJww I 3:30 O'CLOCK Business EDITION li&mmsmM&!&xxxwsJ Vol. XVI. No 2814 HOMM l.t m OF HAWAIT, AUUUST Ifi, 1901 Pkiob 5 Orbtb Kinney Sues Parker Fop $50,000 Damages For Libel Attorney William A. Kinney sues Samuel Parker for fifty thousand dol- lars damages for alleged libel contained In tlio latter's ntlldalt filed yiMcrday In tho Parker ranch fight. Complaint nllegcs: .t ' That on or about tho iKth day ot August, th defendant, well knowing the premium did maliciously comuoie, print, and publish the following fnlse, scnndalolis, malicious, libelous and de- famatory' matter of and concerning plaintiff and In relation to hit said ns a lawyer ond cautcd tho same to bn circulated throughout the tiforesald Honolulu; "That not only were said Kinney (re- ferring to the plaintiff, William A. Kin-my- ) and Ilallou promoters of said (referring to nn enterprise, known as the Hamakua Ditch Co, Ltd ) but they nctcd ns attorneys and ndvlrtortt of deponent (referring to tho defendant Sum ml Parker) and through their advice deponent (referring to said defendant) signed an agreement under which It Is claimed by tho other party to said agreement that deponent (re- ferring to snld defendant) was and still Is liable to said other party In tbo mini of $100,001). That said Kinney (re- ferring to Mid plaintiff) and Dallou did not becomo parties to said agree- ment, taking good tare not to mako themselves liable under tho same, mak- ing deponent (referring to said defend- ant) kolely liable, th

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