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Laser light-scattering investigations of the teleost swimbladder response to acoustic stimuli.

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  • Musicology
  • Physics


When a laser pencil is directed through the teleost swimbladder fringe patterns can be seen in the far-field that are (a) highly sensitive to the orientation and position of the swimbladder with respect to the incident pencil and (b) a representation of contributions from each membrane through which the light passes. The fringe pattern fluctuates in intensity, and to some extent in position, in response to driving forces that distort the swimbladder. The spectrum of these very small distortions can be measured by standard light scattering techniques. This method was used to study the response of in situ swimbladders to imposed acoustic fields and evidence for a sharp roll-off of the response at frequencies above 1,000 Hz was found. Models for these effects are discussed.

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