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Tap-Off Power From the Overhead Shield Wires of an HV Transmission Line

IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
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  • Electromagnetic Induction
  • Ground Wires
  • Overhead Lines
  • Stabilization System
  • Step-Down Dc-Dc Converter
  • Tap-Off Power


In recent years, there was an increase of ancillary service loads, such as signaling systems, inspection robots, surveillance cameras, and other monitoring devices distributed along high-voltage transmission lines which require low-power dc voltage supplies. This paper investigates the use of the induced voltage in the shield wires of an overhead 525 kV transmission line as a primary power source. Since phase current variations throughout the day affect the induced voltage in the overhead ground wire, a step-down dc-dc converter is used after rectification of the ac voltage to provide a regulated dc output voltage. The initial encouraging results obtained indicate that this form of power supply can be a feasible and cost-effective alternative for feeding small ancillary service loads. The simulation results are validated by field measurements as well as the installation of a 200 W voltage stabilization system prototype.

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